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 Le nostre piscine
SSD Vita CLub
Via del Fontanile Arenato 66
Roma 00148 zona Aurelia/Pisana

Ferratella Nuoto
Via Salvatore Quasimodo 124
Roma 00144 zona Eur
Alessandra ( +39 ) 3476525209
Antonio ( +39 ) 3409313035
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Tuttisub  INFOLINE 
S.S.D. Vita Club
Via del Fontanile Arenato 66, 00163 Roma
Tutti i mercoledì dalle ore 19:00
Società Sportiva Ferratella
Via Salvatore Quasimodo, 124, 00144 Roma
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Floriana Reali

Professionalism, seriousness, passion, enthusiasm and dedication are just some of the qualities I found in the Tuttisub school, where I attended the "Open Water Diver" course. The course is taught in an impeccable manner by professionals with a high level of technical preparation and many years of diving experience, in a comfortable and relaxing environment, where sympathy and joy arrive on time to ease the tension and increase the passion for the underwater world. An exciting path for me, in which I have always felt followed and supported, accompanied by a lot of professionalism, a lot of sensitivity and a lot of patience. I thank Tuttisub for letting me live this wonderful experience. Today, in addition to the patent, I am happy to have joined this group, which I highly recommend!

Agnese Zappone

Tuttisub is a serious school that really trains those who want to start diving by learning the basics. The instructors are serious, prepared, patient, motivated and very nice. They know how to listen and as much as possible try to meet everyone's needs. Their competence and attitude help you to have the right confidence by learning something more each time.

Alessandra Paola

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars are few, I have to add some! Recently returned from the openwater patent weekend with Antonio's words in mind on the day of my first test in the pool "If you have the courage to rely on strangers and enjoy the experience you will have fun and live something fantastic" ... well I I chose to trust and I lived one of the most incredible experiences of my life and without ever having put my head under water until then! All the staff teaches with patience, understanding (and it took me a lot :)), professionalism, enthusiasm and sympathy and is always available with all the students. Tuttisub is friendship ... which is much more than a school. Thanks to Alessandra, Francesco, Antonio and all the staff. See you for the next patents :)

Andrea “Andreadc_81”

There would be the possibility of giving 25 stars I would give them all, not only for the professionalism that characterizes all the staff but also because it seems to be in the family, a big family. I followed the open water diver course, with great attention to detail and the instructors, besides being very nice, teach scuba diving with lots of love and seriousness. The Tuttisub school is not just a diving school, it's fun, passion ... it's friendship. I couldn't ask for better! Thanks to Alessandra, Antonio, Francesco and all the Tuttisub staff. See you soon for the next 😂Andrea D.

Alessandra Bramini

For some years I wanted to get closer to the world of recreational diving, given my passion for the sea. With my husband, we decided to attend the Open Water course at Tuttisub ... needless to say we had high expectations! From the first moment Alessandra, Francesco, Antonio and all the Tuttisub staff managed to convey their boundless passion for diving and, above all, for teaching. We have always felt appreciated and supported. They taught us to overcome difficulties, reassuring ourselves. We were also followed during the choice of equipment with great professionalism and with a patience that I did not believe existed! Thanks to all of you, also for teaching me to have more confidence in myself! See you soon.

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